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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 17, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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actors in a stage play get rowdy, but there's one audience member who doesn't like this behavior one bit. >> what happens when granny throws a fit with her stick. a stray dog needs help to give birth. >> he just looking for a place to have these babies. >> the act of kindness that saved a mom and her pups. if you've seen news that cell phones carry -- >> way moor germs than that toilet seat. >> see why phone soap may be the solution to your problem. and an undercover camera confirms her suspicions. >> people are stealing your stuff, christian. >> the story behind the prank
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that's been driving christian crazy. >> why? why? [ laughter ] we're in the middle of a play in central turkey that literally translates to the fat boy. it's a fun, educational place for kids to teach themalities bit about health, exercise, stuff like that, and this is the main character there. that gentleman that's being chased by the chicken, and just getting out there interacting with the crowd, having a bit of fun, running around being a bit rambunctious. >> 32 minutes. >> and mugging for the audience, mugging for the camera to get this little kid involved, even take as bite out of the chicken. the thing is, you know when you're watching movies, plays, you get so suscked in it almost feels real. that happened to one member of the audience who doesn't like this behavior one bit. granny comes and is hitting them
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with a stick stay iaying, stop ! you're setting a terrible example for the children. and she gets escorted back to her seat and they have to explain this is part of the play. the actors crack up. >> really poor, confused ladies that need to put things under control? >> these guys were having an actual fight. she got so sucked in, you're setting a bad example for the children. >> he's probably wondering, too, why isn't anybody doing anything to stop this? >> everybody found it very funny. even the actors had a giggle, nobody hurt and they may actually put this in the play from now on, because it just seems to crack people up. >> it's funny. [ laughter ] no matter where we are in the world it seems there be animal rescue groups trying to
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help strays of the street to get a better life. here we are on the street at an animal center, that lady received word of a heavily pregnant stray dog wandering the streets, so she and a volunteer are trying to get close to this dog to get her some help. this dog is dirty, flea ridden, but these people make her acquaintance by offering her a little treat. >> oh, yeah. you can see her belly. it's definitely full of puppies. >> and there you see her getting pet by the founder and the volunteer. >> and she seems to like this guy that's come along. she doesn't run away. >> when they got the call about it, every time the dog seemed she found a place to lay down and have the puppies, she gets chased away. at this point, she's just looking for a place to have these babies. then they put her in a box in the back of the car. here we are in the apartment and it's time to give the dog a little spa treatment and this dog is loving bath time. >> a shower, like you've been outside and you're like, ah,
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that feels amazing. >> fleas eating on you? like, i bet the bath felt good, especially if they were able to get rid of the fleas. >> christian, you're right. there were a lot of fleas on the dog. here you can see some of the fleas pulled off of her. look at this. finally blow dried and here she s. looks like a different dog. >> like a glamour shot. >> and she does go into labor. tick taken in for an emergency c-seconds and there you can see, she's had two healthy puppies and they were really big. probably why mom needed some help getting those babies out there. >> i feel if they didn't get to her, she may have died given birth to those large pups. >> but there's a good thing there's a group like this willing to go help a dog like this out. frequently we talk about motorcycle safety on this show and part of motorcycle safety is motorcycle maintenance. sadly, that's one of the first things that gets overlooked. a guy on a bike.
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up ahead he sees a car he wants to overtake, but listen and watch what happens. >>ee --ee, oh! >> into the dirt and down he goes. >> what the heck happened? roll it back and watch it again. you hear that rattling? >> yeah. >> his chain broke. >> oh. >> meaning now the engine is not slowing down his rear wheel. basically, he just suddenly starts to coast. thankfully, look where this happens. >> yeah. >> there happened to be a break in the k-rail there. >> talk about bad luck and good luck. the combination in this video is incredible whrchlts your guardian angels, i think it's right about here he should have this incident, because he can escape. >> like i said, bad luck, good luck. looks like she's entering a parking garage and doesn't want to pay. >> how low can you go? >> exactly. limbos under the gate, gets a little -- manages to get herself
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back up on to the scooter. >> is this a lost lucille ball? looks like lucy trying to keep her way on there. >> going to look even worse than that right about now, because she does get herself right back on to the back of the scooter fires it up thinking, yeah, i get to away with that. jamming across and crashes at the other side of the street. luckily doesn't get hit by a car across the street. >> karma. >> pretty much. the ozark, bones cracking, oh, no. >> a demolition? >> this is the demolition of this roller coaster called the ozark wildcat. this roller coaster was part of a now closed theme park. the owners decided to keep it because they didn't really need the land. in fact, they rented one of the castles on this theme park land to a church. so they've been using this
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roller coaster as a landmark to tell people how to get to their church, and now their landmark is going down, so they are the ones that decided to record this momentous location. they've take be all the bolts out and all they have to do, swing it -- to make it go down. >> oh! huge missed opportunity here, i've got to say. >> why's that? >> load up a roller coaster cars with tnt and send them on their way, just -- boom! >> instead what do we have here, like jeb in the parking lot with a pickup truck? >> this will be quite the attraction to get people to come to your church. >> yeah. she thinks she's showing up to take some photos. >> but instead of finding a photo shoot, she finds a giant panda. >> see why the giant panda's got another picture-perfect surprise in store. >> ah! and, battling it out drift style. fight's going to be a tough fight. >> what happens when muscle meets speed. flavorfilled pastas,
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closed captioning provided by -- not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. how dirty is that cell phone you're carrying? you can see on the diagram on the phone, you can see the cell phone has way more germs than that toilet seat in a public bathroom or a -- >> get outta here! >> it's true. because so many people take their phones to the bathroom. this is the phone soap solution that involves no water and soap. it is a uv charger, and light, combined so you can clean yo cell phone at the same time. >> i don't believe t. specifically uvc has a higher frequency that quills viruses and germs. >> inside you'll find two
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germicidal uv wipes, special transparent glass, reflective coats surrounding your phone and cleaning light ensuring sanitizing coverage. >> now it does not dissolve organic or inorganic material. if you have popcorn grease, makeup on your phone, you still need to wipe that off. but it will kill flu viruses. >> i feel this is only catering to the germaphobes in the world. there has been no massive death from -- we're all just immunes to it, i guess. >> i use my dirty phone every day, and i feel fine. >> i think this is actually a neat gift idea, and, yes it is real. you can order it and get it by christmas. the only $55.95. >> only? that's almost the price of the phone! >> whose phone are you talking on? [ laughter ] time to fight it out. battle it out, drift style. we've got a v-8 american muscle car driven by vonn getten jr., a
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drift car champion up against, though, a v-12 powered lamborghini dliven by champion gigo sido. the dance these two guy doss is like a choreographed ballet. ♪ >> there's no room for air here. trees all over the place and each other near bumper to bumper. they drift around this circle of burning rubbish. >> probably just burning rubber. >> i think it looks really cool, and i like the way they rig thm so that they glow that green color. >> that green color of monster
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energy. that's who's put this together. i love this ending shot right here. the aerial of them just spinning around. we all know there are professionals out there whose job it is to give you the perfect wedding. turns out there are also people you can hire to give you the perfect engagement. for example, this company, the harris company, put together a video for arsenio and kaitlyn. arsenio wants to pop the question to his lovely lady. >> we are high school sweethearts and this november 24th marks eight years we've been together. right from the beginning our personalities click and so much love in the air. >> you can see, kaitlyn just about the tip-top girl in the world and he wants to make sure it's a special engagement. what's happened is she's a photographer and they've put together a fake photo shoot on the radio of a hotel in boston, a beautiful building with 360-degree views. so kaitlyn turns up for the fake photo shoot. instead of finding a photo shoot or indeed arsenio, she finds a
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giant panda -- [ laughter ] -- seems weird. you remind me of a big pand darr bear. >> it is also a symbol of luck in some countries. >> they walk down and she gets to watch this joid, which tells the story of arsenio and kaitlyn, and at this point arsenio is out of the giant panda costume with lovely things to say to kaitlyn. >> i couldn't imagine anyone better to spend the rest of my life with. >> and then, of course, he gets down on one knee, pops the question, and -- >> i love you and i want you to be my wife. will you marry me? >> ah! >> an archery card battle. >> it's going to be emmingly fun. >> see who comes out on top, next "right this minute." and still to come -- hundreds of cyclists are ready to ride, until -- >> taxi, anybody? >> ah! oh. >> the cabbie crash that caused
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chaos in the streets. >> watch it there, babe. >> when making a birthday wish backfires. >> oh! >> oh. snowflakes with icing ♪ ♪ candy corn feathers, sure look enticing ♪ ♪ rice krispies treats, the fun doesn't stop - ♪ ♪ how many ways can you snap, crackle, pop? ♪ make the holidays a treat with kellogg's rice krispies.
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promotional considerations proved by -- relief starts now. gold bond extra strength medicated lotion has a powerful itch-fighter to relieve all day. gold bond kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. whizzing by, cars, sirens, giving a warning, it's the toll of costa rica and the pelican is about to come flying past that awesome moment. hundreds of cyclists together at top speed. taxi, anybody? >> ah! >> what the hell? >> and it's not like it comes out of nowhere. let me back it up. you'll see the guy right here at the beginning of the video. park and the side of the road.
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waits until all the sirens and motor bikes, police cars go by and i don't know what he's doing. he's like, yeah, i guess i'll turn left. there's only 150-something or so cyclists over my shoulder. a second scene, it happens just off camera. >> [ bleep ]. >> you can hear the screeching of all the bicycle brakes and things like that. you can see everybody on the floor. >> did the mob cyclist just drag him out of his car? >> yeah. there are 1 or 2 pretty annoyed cyclists that surround this car. some start throwing kicks in, some banging on top of the car. they are furious. >> there are some photos of this. notice this on the right-hand side of the car. not where the impact happened. it looks like some of those guys have knocked out of the wing mirror. three cyclists affected by this. one actually had to receive a little medical treatment but everybody continued off after a 10, 20-minute delay. the taxi driver doesn't believe he did anything wronging.
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not at fault at all, jut out there earning a wage. totally oblivious driving which comes from the uk in a second video. on the right side, a person traitor, warning sign that says thompson self-drive. you don't usually drive a truck, but, hey, you're moving! >> boom! >> cuts across too late. takes the front off this car and then keeps on driving. now, the guy with dispatch cam trapped by the red light. not letting that one go. waits until the light go green and we see the video speed up. >> oh, he's after him. >> he continues down the road until eventually. >> boom! >> thompson self-drive. we get photos of the kind of damage done to the car. you can see a big dent on the front left-hand side. to add insult to injury, not only did the guy drive off, what's the problem? it's a b registered car. >> it's not about that. you hit me! >> exactly. absolutely ridiculous. there's a few things,
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ladies, that we learn early on in life. little selena is about to learn her first lesson. >> get some. >> come on, dad. >> watch it there, babe. >> he fifth birthday party and she's blowing out the candles. such a little cutie pie. and she's got them all, except the last two, and she's just going to huff and puff. >> oh! >> her hair caught fire? >> no! >> it happened so fast. >> it happened quick. that's the lesson. hair, plus flames, equals quick, but -- >> oh, wow! that did happen super fast. >> it happens quick. that's why you've got to keep your hair in the back. >> she's got minor damage. >> another one is, you gotta have cool dance moves. little harper here is all over it. this is a producer's daughter who is watching a video dance
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recording. mom watches video for a living, harper dancing to the youtube channel and shaking her little baby bump. >> she's actually bansing? oh, my gosh. >> got her hand up, like, hey, hey, that's my jam, daddy. >> that's brilliant! they have figured out a way to entertain that girl. >> the cool thing about little baby bumps youtube channel, entertaining for hours. you can just sit it there and walk away. >> she watches "right this minute," too, right? all the time? undercover cameras roll in hopes of solving a suspicious office mystery. for weeks noticing little things missing. >> see why there's a crack in the case of christian's missing makeup. [ laughter ]
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one little piece of hair. >> so all in all, really healthy prank. guys for a couple of weeks now there's been a bit of an office mystery going on that i might have something to do with. >> for the last couple of weeks, christian has had suspicions that people have been going through the makeup drawers here,
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and taking some of her stuff. i'm here to turn those suspicions into fact. ♪ >> people are stealing your stuff, christian. >> things were disappearing from the makeup room before i got involved, but once i saw the weakness, i just decided to exploit it. >> you are terrible. >> i am awesome. >> you're a genius. >> thank you very much. christian goes in every day gets her makeup done by key anna here and for weeks noticing little things missing, like her makeup pallette had a scoop of lipstic off it. they took a whole. >> a whole palette. what does that cost? more than $7. >> all right. let's put it, put a camera up. got a goproenchts i'll put it up before i leave since i'm like the last one. >> okay. >> i put the camera in. now we're going to cut these cameras, stop this, bring christian up, and do this next
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story like it's a surveillance video and reveal this whole prank to her. cut. >> guys, i've got a fwlakbreak case of a very, very mysterious office mystery. he found somebody on that camera that i put in the makeup room. >> no! >> swear to god. >> i told you i was going to do it. it was this morning, after her makeup girl came in and had everything laid out. watch this. door opens. i have no idea -- >> liar! >> what do you mean, liar? >> stop. >> look, she goes through -- >> who is that? [ laughter ] >> you have been absolutely no help! >> i thought we had actually solved the mystery of my missing lip palette. >> you have! [ laughter ]
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>> where's this been? where has this been? >> in my desk. >> why? why? >> for this. >> are you serious? have you been f-ing with me this whole time? >> not the entire time. [ laughter ] >> oh, that was good. >> voila. well done. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. [ siren ] later, folks. catch us on the next "right this minute."
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it's easy to fear the worst when a leopard chases a baby impala. >> watch what happens. >> the safari shocker from one unlikely alliance. >> oh, my gosh. look at that! [ siren ] >> a cabbie makes a risks risky froms r the cops. >> it gets even more dangerous. >> the moment he mowed over a motorcycle and kept going. somebody in high places, shake hands. >> good luck! don't die. >> how they pull a gainer off a craner. and a huge "star wars" fan thinks he's going to get to see -- >> the "star wars" preview earlier than anybody


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